’Digital Visual Thinking on the iPad’
– one-day how-to-workshop
with Anna Lena Schiller, Britta Ullrich & Ralf Appelt


July 22, 2014
9 am – 5:30 pm

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You are an experienced graphic recorder, visual facilitator, teacher, sketchnoter and so far work with pens and paper in big and small formats? Now you want to transfer your visual thinking skills to the digital world? You are just curious and want to sneak straight into the digital world of visual thinking?

Visual Recordings by Anna Lena Schiller – made with Adobe Ideas on the iPad

Simple visual scenes and vocabulary by Britta Ullrich – made with SketchBookX

Video explaining the concept of EduCamp by Ralf Appelt – made with Sketchbook Pro, Sprachmemo and Reel Director

What to expect?

In this one-day workshop the founders of the community explain how to transfer your visual skills to the iPad. You will learn step by step how to use several iPad sketching apps. We also give you valuable tips and tricks on how to edit your pictures and share them with others. After the workshop all technical hurdles are forgotten and your digital curiosity will be satisfied.


Warm Up
How to get rid of your anxiety of various sketching apps and making the stylus or your finger your best friend.

The secret sauce of digital visual thinking
How to overcome obstacles and make use of the advantages the digital visual world offers. Tips and tricks included.

Training camp and playground
How to use at least four different state of the art iPad sketching apps and make them your own!

Small digital visual toolbox
What are the best digital tools to communicate visually? An overview of the most important digital visual tools for your everyday life or your next visual challenge.

Expert round – meet the digital visual natives
After a full day of digital visual fun you now have the chance to bombard some of the best experts in this field with your questions that have not been answered yet.

Let’s call it a day!
Some feedback and feedforward – what did you learn and how do you want to continue?

What’s included?
All you need is your finger or a stylus. Don’t worry about having an iPad – bring your own or we will have one for you. Lunch, drinks and culinary delights will be provided by the nhow hotel as well.

Claim your spot now to explore the digital visual world and profit from the different backgrounds of the moderators: Ralf Appelt is head of the MultiMedia studios at the University of Hamburg as well as a freelance photographer and visual trainer. Anna Lena Schiller runs her own visual consultancy offering graphic recording, facilitation and vizthink trainings. Britta Ullrich is a senior user experience manager, design thinker and visual trainer.

Your session hosts:


I’m inspired by the power that visual elements offer to enhance communication no matter if they are digital or analogue.
I am particularly interested in sketchnotes, visualization in moderation processes and coaching and how visual can improve processes of learning and teaching by increasing engagement, understanding, remembrance and development of new ideas.


I caught the vizthink bug while studying at the KaosPilots in Denmark in 2006 and haven’t stopped drawing since. I’ve been running my own visual consultancy providing graphic recording, graphic facilitation and vizthink workshops since 2009. Britta, Ralf and I started vizthink Hamburg in 2013 to give some momentum to the emerging topic of visual thinking and create a community of practice in Germany.


At the career network XING ( I am heading the internal User Experience Lab and advising my colleagues when it comes to user experience, creativity techniques and visual facilitation. At VizWorks I teach adults basic drawing skills that they can use at work. It’s my vision to spread the visual language around the globe in order to increase the power of innovation as well as bringing focus and fun to everybody’s working environment.

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