Pre-conference session for advanced visual practitioners: Appreciative Visual Storytelling – join us to a visual hero’s quest! – with Martin Haussmann & Karina Antons


July 22, 2014
9 am – 5 pm
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Kommunikationslotsen is a business consultancy that introduced graphic recording and visual facilitation to a general public in Germany. Our mission is to combine process facilitation and visual facilitation for participative change projects. Every year we give about one thousand people an access to visual language with our visualization brand bikablo® (trainings and publications) – for learning, teaching, recording and dialogue faciliation all over Europe. Our clients include both beginners and advanced learners.

This one-day-session offers an introduction to an extremely powerful approach that was developed by the bikablo® training department: Appreciative Visual Storytelling is a group method that combines the success factors of three crucial approaches for problem solving and change:
• learning from success stories
• self-directed group dialogue and
• – of course – visual thinking.

Appreciative Visual Storytelling is inspired by the pattern of the “hero’s quest” by Joseph Campbells book “The hero with a thousand faces”, the culture of comic art and the dialogue method “appreciative inquiry”.

Our agenda: This training session is hands-on and 100% practical as we travel through the application of the method itself to explore it. First, the group is provided with some basics about drawing in the culture of sequential art (comics). Then we split up into groups of two to explore success stories framed by a common guiding question. After that this story will be designed in a 4-picture-framework and presented to a larger group in order to discuss success factors which eventually will be transformed into a common action plan.

Appreciative Visual Storytelling is exciting, fun and effective! After this session you will feel empowered to try it out in your own context – such as project retrospectives, team facilitation, strategy, mission statement or product development.

You do not need to be familiar with the bikablo® drawing technique! You are invited to share your own drawing and visualizing experience.

Your session hosts:

Karina Antons and Martin Haussmann are the EuViz track hosts of “Visual Dialogue”. As a dreamteam for training, method developing and didactics they are responsible for the bikablo® visualization training programme at Kommunikationslotsen, designing concepts for skillbuilding in – for example – Graphic Recording or Visual Storytelling. Their mayor skill is to combine systematic visualization and drawing techniques (Martin’s part) with a deep understanding of learning and group processes and didactics (Karina’s passion).


…born in 1970, joined the Kommunikationslotsen in 2004, after graduating in arts and literature.

With 10 years of teaching experience, she is a highly accomplished visual facilitator in various contexts. Her special interest incorporates the field of learning and teaching which led her to operate as a trainer and consultant at universities and in the field of adult education.
Teamed up with Martin Hausmann she focuses on train-the-trainer-trainings and develops new models and methods for advanced visual facilitators.


…born in 1969, has been a visualization expert for the organizational consultancy Kommunikationslotsen in Cologne for over 10 years and is the inventor of the bikablo® visualization technique.

Kommunikationslotsen facilitates change processes in businesses, organizations and institutions in all sectors of society (“Facilitating Change”) and trains both facilitators and visual facilitators. They are pioneers and quality leaders in Europe in the field of working with visualization and empowering people to visualize.

As part of the visual facilitators team at Kommunikationslotsen, Martin Hausmann supports project groups in handling complex issues and finding sustainable joint solutions. His clients include Deutsche Telekom AG, Basel Insurance AG, SAP AG, the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ).

As head of the bikablo® training program, specialist author and lecturer Martin is a roving European ambassador for visualization. Every year more than a thousand people attend the different bikablo® training sessions. The editions of bikablo® visual dictionaries (Distribution: run into the tens of thousands.

Martin’s special passion is exploring new techniques, models and methods for developing and systemizing visual facilitating. The vision of bikablo®: A global community of people who think with the pen for better learning, understanding and collaboration.

Workshop Impressions

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