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240 people connected the dots at EuViz 2014 in Berlin

For three days 240 people from all over the world came together in Berlin for EuViz 2014, the European conference for visual thinkers, practitioners and facilitators. The intention was to "connect the dots" — joining practitioners, applications, leading edge thinking and other practice fields in an event that promised a deep dive into visual practice.

The conference was hosted by Neuland and Kommunikationslotsen. The International Forum of Visual Practitioners was co-host, and thrilled to hold its annual conference in Europe for the first time.
The conference featured a highly interactive format, designed to further strengthen the visual practice community and explore some of the practice 's leading edges. Featured for the first time this year wereTracks, a two session deep dive into five selected topics and aiming to engage participants of all levels in exploring research, new thought and inquiry into areas where visual practice can make a difference. A conversation with elders in the field and collective storytelling helped to strengthen understanding and practitioner connections. Twenty-two workshop sessions offered the opportunity to gain specific knowledge and skills.

The fact the conference was sold out well before the deadline for registrations demonstrates the growing interest in visual practice, especially in Europe. Participants came from 26 countries and travelled as far afield as Australia and Asia. Many said the event exceeded their expectations for learning, connection and professionalism. And everyone talked about the energy, excitement and fun to be had when creative people come together to share.

Participant and Core team member Sandra Dirks summed it up:  “All these crazy people who work in and with groups with visualizations. Or even without groups, and only with visualizations. Hach! (German expression for delight)”


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July 23. – 25. 2014, Wednesday – Friday, nhow Hotel, Berlin

Meet your tribe! Be part of an inspiring community!

EuViz 2014 is about connecting the global movement of working with visual language, facilitating, communicating, and learning.

It is about expanding views on purpose and application of visual thinking and practice and exploring the possibilities for meaningful individual and collective action. Providing an opportunity to co-create a breakthrough, both on an individual as well as a collective level, that supports both your personal vision and wise action for the world.


EuViz 2014 is the European conference for Visual Thinkers, Practitioners, Graphic Recorders and Facilitators.

The visual revolution is on its way: shaping, facilitating and constructing the 21st century – its ideas, challenges, communities and organizations. Visualization is a gift for every profession or organization. EuViz 2014 will explore this gift and will make it more accessible for people and professionals of all kinds. EuViz will be a conference as well as an experience.

At EuViz 2014 we will be gathering around the fire of visual thinking and practice to connect the dots of the field for the world.

We will do this by:
• Discovering patterns across cultures, industries and practices.
• Expanding views on purposes, application and achievements.
• Exploring individual and collective possibilities and actions.

EuViz 2014 will be an opportunity to co-create breakthroughs on individual as well as collective levels enabling wiser action for the world.

EuViz 2014 is also the official annual conference location of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP) in 2014! The annual IFVP conference is a gathering of an international community where the focus is to be engaged, inspired, and learn about new developments in the work of visual practitioners, visual thinkers, visual facilitators/consultants and visual Lleaders. EuViz 2014 will bring together around 200 practitioners from around the world to Germany’s most exciting city, Berlin.

EuViz 2014 is passionately designed and hosted by

Hosts of EuViz 2014: Kommunikationslotsen and Neuland. Co-Host is the  IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners)
EuViz 2014 Core Team Members are: Mary Alice Arthur (SOAR, New Zealand), Ole Qvist-Sørensen (Bigger Picture, Denmark), Sandra Dirks (Apprenti, Germany),  Sabine Soeder (CoCreativeFlow, Germany), Mathias Weitbrecht (Integral Information Architecture, Germany), Lynn Carruthers (IFVP), Holger Scholz (Kommunikationslotsen, Germany), Roswitha Vesper (Kommunikationslotsen, Germany), Verena Hanke (Kommunikationslotsen, Germany), Guido Neuland (Neuland, Germany)



Holger Scholz and Guido Neuland interviewed by our mediapartner changeX